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More and more Jews in the diaspora are making Aliyah to their ancestral Promised Land. As our website makes clear, this astonishing exodus out of the nations has been foretold by G-d.

Our Aliyah Aid Application includes this request "please give your reasons for making Aliyah, and some details of your story." Here are some gratifying responses to that request by olim who have recently made Aliyah from Canada.

My husband and I have always hoped and dreamed of returning to our homeland in Israel. We view this move as an historic moment in our personal lives, and as part of a global spiritual process. We are excited to be part of this incredible opportunity to make Israel our physical and spiritual home.


I grew up going to Hebrew school and had Aliyah on my mind since high school, especially after going on a Birthright trip in 2003. I started to think more seriously about Aliyah and took a month-long trip in 2014, and it felt like home. As for my reasons, part of it is I believe all Jews should return to Israel as it is our G-d-given home. Another part is looking back at the Shoah. It's possible for any country to end up like Germany...all it takes is one change of leadership, so all Jews need a safe haven. Making Aliyah has been a dream of mine for a very long time, and I'm excited to finally make it happen!


It has always been our dream to make Aliyah and fulfil the commandment of re-settling the Land. Yael and I lived in Israel for a year as students after we got married, and that year really opened our eyes to what kind of life we could have there: a life full of meaning and spiritual connection with HaShem, where we can install the proper values of life in our children. We've always felt like visitors to Canada even though we were born here, but we know that Israel is our home!


I have always felt Israeli, but never had the chance to truly live like one. By joining Garin Tzabar and becoming a soldier in the IDF, I am not only finding myself, but serving the country I love!


Our vision is to be servants and intercessors of the LORD, to help the Jewish people return to the Land of Israel from all the nations, and to proclaim God's Kingdom purposes for their return.

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