At Operation Exodus we are committed to equipping a new generation with the tools to see God's plans for the Jewish people.

Young adults from many nations

The Bible contains more prophecies relating to the restoration of the kingdom of Israel and the regathering of the Hebrew nation than it does foretelling the coming of the Messiah, yet we hardly hear it spoken about in our churches. In spite of this, most Christians today believe that Israel and the Jewish people have no significance in God’s plans and resign their place to that of history and ancient stories.

Knowing how the kingdom and people of Israel fit into to the plans of Almighty God is key to understanding His character and His relationship with us as individuals. It will change the way we read the Holy Scriptures and give richer depth and understanding. It will also have a profound effect on how we view world events as they unfold around us.

Why does God do this? Why restore Israel? Why regather the Hebrew nation? Because He said that He would. His reputation is on the line. Ezk 36:22

We know God always fulfils His promises otherwise he would be a liar. If He would break His covenant with Israel, what would stop Him breaking covenant with the gentile believers? God does not break covenant.